Trevor Cheer's Layout

Trevor Cheer's layout on the North Shore is one of New Zealand's premier 9 mil NZR layouts. Trevor began the layout in 2011 and as happens with many good layouts he is still working on it. The layout is set in the 1950s to 1990s and is 16 metres by 7 metres. The table below gives a lot more information about the layout.

Prototype All NZR. One part of the layout models the loco depot at Taihape. Other parts will model the Oakleigh station on the North Auckland Line and possibly Opua Wharf.
Layout shapeElongated oval.
MainlineContinuous, two circuits around the layout, approximately 100 metres.
Locomotives A423, Ab745, B303, C857, Da x 4, DC x3, Ds, Dsa, Dsb, Ec, Ed, Ew, J,Ja,Jb, K, Ka, Wa, Ww, Mallet TTT No7, and anything someone may want to bring along.
Wagon and carsAbout 60. Various 50ft steel passenger cars, various 50ft and 47ft 6in wooden passenger cars, log train, 50s/60s express goods, various L, La, and Lc highsiders, reefers, RSWs, and specialist tank cars. There are six wagon and van kits, and four passengers car kits. The remaining wagons and cars are scratchbuilt.
Ruling gradient1 in 70.
StationsThree are planned.
IndustriesQuarry (done), log loading (planned), wharf (planned).
AccessThe centre of the layout is accessed through a swing gate or by using a padded crawl under.
OtherThe Auckland 9 mil group holds it monthly meetings in the layout room.