City of Sails Model Railway Club

Auckland, New Zealand

The City of Sails Model Railway Club is an NMRA 100% club in Auckland, New Zealand. The qualitifer "100%" means all members of the club are NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) members. The club is in Division 5 of the NMRA's Australasian Region. Division 5 covers all of New Zealand. The Australasian Region covers Australia, New Zealand and some Pacific islands. The NMRA has 19 regions divided into approximately 150 divisions.

As far as we know, we are the only NMRA 100% club in New Zealand. There are several such clubs in Australia. Our club formed October 2018 and became an NMRA 100% club December 2018. We started with five members and currently (March 2019) has six members and two people, including a 12 year-old, in the process of joining. The president is Paul Hobbs, an NMRA life member, and the secretary is Philip Sharp.

The goals of the Australasian region are to promote, stimulate, foster, and encourage the art and craft of model railroading and the preservation of the hobby's history, science, and technology. The region accomplishes its goals through its divisions, and by publishing an on-line magazine, holding conventions and promoting the NMRA Achievement Program.

Our club goals in order of decreasing importance are

We hold monthly meetings. Each meeting covers something new. We are not in favour of doing the same thing month in month out. Our inaugural meeting was late January, 2019 when we visited the large layout of club member James Kelso. James models part of the Montana Rail Link and is still building his layout. It is of the unusual mushroom type.

As well as holding monthly meetings, some members of the club are available to give clinics on various aspects of model railroading to model railway clubs in the Auckland area. If your club is interested in having such a clinic, please contact the secretary Philip Sharp at to see if a suitable topic is available.

Some of our monthly meetings are open to guests. If you are interested in attending one of these meetings and finding out more about our club, please contact the secretary Philip Sharp at There is no annual membership fee to join the club but you do need to be an NMRA member. Some monthly meetings will require you to make a gold coin donation.

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